Okech on VR for Freelancers

I’ve been using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for decades now, so I was particularly intrigued by Derick Okech article, “How virtual reality can make freelancing even better” [1].

As Okech points out, VR is cheap and ubiquitous now, available to home workers and individual freelancers.  So, VR technology is available for innovation, including for remote work and freelance.

OK—I’ll bite.  What can freelancers do with VR?

Okech basically tells us that freelancers can do what anybody can do:  have fun and learn stuff.  He phrases this in operational terms,  suggesting that you can fight writers block, inspire new ideas, learn stuff, and fight boredom.

Try virtual reality today, and see how it inspires creativity, knocks down constant burnout, and improves the way you discover and develop content.

This all makes sense, though it isn’t exactly unique to freelance work. The same benefits would accrue to any creative worker.

However, Okech suggests that VR experiences can help fight loneliness and isolation, significant challenges for freelancers.  And with in-person coworking severely restricted, these will be bigger problems than ever.

Of course, everyone is using 2D digital media to meet and talk and work together.  The idea is that VR is different and, presumably better.

Well, maybe.

Honestly, I don’t know if VR fights loneliness and isolation or not.  For one thing, there are plenty of solo VR experiences and these can be, well, really lonely and isolated.  For another, multi-person VR is pretty iffy, at least in my own experience.  Is a digital conversation in a 3D immersive environment more compelling than a 2D video conference?  I dunno.

In fact, I would expect different people will have different preferences.  So, who knows?

Freelancers should explore technology for sure.  It’s certainly a way to share certain kinds of information, such as 3D models or spaces.

But watch out—the other stuff Okech talks about is basically goofing off.  You can call it “fighting writers block”, bit playing a video game is still playing a video game. : – )

  1. Derick Okech, How virtual reality can make freelancing even better, in Freelancers Union Blog, October 27, 2020. https://blog.freelancersunion.org/2020/10/27/how-virtual-reality-can-make-freelancing-even-better/

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